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Animal rights activist and long time restauranteur John Adamson has owned many restaurants through the years, but his newest venture, Neon Tiger, is quite special, it's fully vegan! This is the first vegan dinner and cocktail spot in Charleston, SC.

John's road to veganism looks similar to many of ours, finding bread crumbs here and there of videos and photos revealing the true nature of the animal agriculture industry, and being appalled at what he saw. After following Goats of Anarchy (goat rescue) on IG and recognizing the complex emotions these animals experienced John couldn't look back! He's now fighting for the animals by doing what he does best, creating a unique dining experience, this time with no animals being harmed. 

John and I chat about many topics which include:

  • What sparked John's path to veganism
  • Big Pharma
  • Acidic versus Alkaline Diet
  • Natural Healing
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Environmental benefits of veganism
  • Ins and Outs of opening a vegan restaurant 
  • Manipulation of information and controlling the narrative
  • Animal Agriculture
  • How we all can speak up for the animals

Neon Tiger IG: @neon_tiger_

John IG: @cheaphotel

Rebecca IG: @therefinedhippie

In holistic health we often say that healing is all about the mind, body, and spirit. Today's episode we dive into the spirituality side of holistic health, a newer topic for the podcast.

Kat Wojtasinski is a health and fitness coach who, like many of us, has had her own share of struggles. It's been fitness, nutrition, and faith that have been her saving grace, helping her overcome whatever difficulties come her way. We discuss her spiritual path, how to approach spirituality, the difference between spirituality versus spiritualism, and confronting our true selves. We get into organized religion guilt, breaking the formulated structure, choosing your faith, and how different the journey may look for each of us. 

We also talk about yoga, fitness, prophetic dreams, near death experiences, attachment to the physical world, how to start creating some spiritual discipline, and more! It's a fun yet deep conversation you don't want to miss! 


I think we can all agree that it's better to live a healthy long life rather than a long sick life, right? Today's podcast guest is passionate about just that. Daniel E. Kennedy is a healthcare executive, counselor, author, filmmaker, and most recently the creator and director of a new docuseries, Healthy Long Life. Each episode of the series showcases different parts of the world to uncover their health and longevity secrets. Daniel and I discuss what sparked his passion for disease prevention, when and why it began, and how it's changed. We chat about what he learned while filming the series, surprises he discovered, and the top 5 ways we can all add healthy years to our lives.

You can access the docuseries via Amazon or on AppleTV by searching and downloading their app - Healthy Long Life. 

The New Year is always a great time to make changes. Many are going plant-based for the first time, some just want to revamp their already existing plant-based lifestyle, but whatever it is this quick bonus episode will give some tips and recommendations. I chat about the reasons you might have cravings (hint: it's actually your microbiome), giving up dairy/cheese, my favorite cheese brands, milk alternatives, and more! And remember, it’s not about perfection, but perseverance! 

My Favorite Documentaries to Get You on Track

My Favorite Beet Burger

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Ep 57: 2020 has been one of the most insane years of most of our lives. On this episode I reflect on the year for me as well as my intentions for the year to come. I chat about my goals and how we all can implement and stick with lifestyle changes for the new year! 

Ep 56: The breath has many names, life force and prana to name a few. But can it really have that powerful of an impact on our bodies? Lauren Levine is the guru of diaphragmatic breath work, helping clients transform their bodies and restore it to its natural state. Tapping into our breath system can help with neck pain, pelvic floor issues, prolapse, low belly pooch, panic attacks, and more. On today's episode we chat all about the benefits of this life altering work along with Lauren's path in teaching it.

Lauren is an accomplished professional ballet dancer, having studied and danced all over the country. She was even a Radio City Rockette! We discuss her life as a ballet dancer, sommelier, believing in the process, and how we can all tap into our life force, the breath!

Lauren's IG: @laurenlevinemovement


Ep 55: Jeff Chilton returns to the podcast to chat all about mushrooms and their role on immune health. His company, Real Mushrooms, has a new product specifically made for just that. It's their Mushroom D2Z, containing vitamin D2, beta-glucan, and zinc, the perfect combination to support your immune system. 

We get into what beta-glucans are and how they strengthen immunity and promote the production of immune cells. We also discuss mycelium, what it is, along how fungi work in general, how they grow, where they grow best, and how we can grow our own at home. We discuss vitamin D, D2, how to boost vitamin D in mushrooms, D2 versus D3, zinc, and more! 

Be on the listen out during the episode for a special offer from Jeff!

IG: @therefinedhippie

Ep 54: On this episode with chat with plant-based vegan advocate, April Moor, about her experience with lyme disease, when she discovered it, different healing modalities she tried, and what worked. We get into her life as a fitness trainer, how that impacted her life and diet, and what she's learned from being in that field. April shares her experience getting involved as an activist for animal rights, the most effective methods for sharing the truth about animal agriculture, and how we ourselves can spread the message of compassion. We also discuss the challenges people face going plant-based and the best tips for making the lifestyle change. 

April's IG: @happyhealinvegan
April's Website:
April's YouTube
The Refined Hippie IG: @therefinedhippie

Ep 53: On this episode we discuss all things fitness, including working out for your cycle and working out at home.

Eliza Gellman has been in the fitness world for years, but has now shifted more focus on nutrition to achieve true overall wellness. We learn about the life changing event that encouraged this as well as her story in becoming plant-based and challenges she went through. We get into limiting beliefs, macros, the medical world, supplements, F-Factor, censorship, and the c-word (aka virus).

IG: @elizag_wellness

Ep 52: The holidays are upon us and so if my 5th holiday season as a plant-based vegan! I've been reflecting lately on this journey and some of the main and even random things that I've learned along the way. On this episode I chat about them which include dealing with friends and family, protein, cashews, my relationship with food, and more. 

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